Welcome to VSA

VSA is part of Global Organization, having its registered Offices in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA & Canada.

At VSA our dedicated team of professionals provide VISA assistance services for most of the countries in the World for both Tourist & Business Visas to a large number of individual and corporate clients.

“We do not belong to travel agency group, rather Business & Tourist Visa Service facilitator.”

The service rendered hereafter is provided by the VSA, which is a private and a non-governmental entity. We do not have the authority to grant a visa. Any country’s visa is issued at the sole discretion of their respective embassy, consulate or immigration department.

Why Choose VSA?

successThere are number of reasons to choose VSA Dubai Services:

  • Credibility
  • Qualified & Well Trained Staff
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Convenient Location & Working Hours
  • Maximum Countries Visa Assistance Under One Roof
  • Maximum Convenience: You may avail our “Personalized service” Option from the comfort of your Home or Office , where Collection and Drop-off your Passport / Visa Documents can be arranged by VSA, wherever applicable.

✬ Credibility

Since 2007, We got years of working experience with the Foreign Diplomatic Mission in Dubai.

✬ Qualified & Well Trained Staff

We believe our core asset is delivering excellent customer service experience. Hence, we invest heavily in training our staff and deploy excellent customer service program.

✬ Higher Customer Satisfaction Rating

We appreciate and thanks our customer for sparing their valuable time and giving us their valuable feedback. Our NPS score is >90%.

✬ Convenient Location & Working Hours

Office # 1412,  Mai Tower, Al Nahda 1, Dubai

Tel : +971 4 3329133
Fax : +971 4 3329122

Working Days: Saturday to Thursday.
Working Hours: 0900 – 1800.

✬ Maximum Countries Visa Assistance Under One Roof

Imagine an applicant needs to travel to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia on the same trip. Applicant has the option to receive Visa assistance services at one location under one roof. VSA provide VISA service assistance service for more than 60 Countries in the World. Please contact us for further details.

✬ Not Always One Size fits all

We have different solutions for Corporates, Individuals & Travel Agency. Please contact us for further details.