Chinese visa from Dubai

VSA Dubai is one of the best visa service provider in Dubai for Chinese Visa. Whether you are planning to visit as a tourist or for your business trip to China from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or across UAE (United Arab Emirates), VSA Dubai is your visa application agent.

You must get a Chinese Visa if you are a Citizen of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Chinese Embassy in U.A.E. does not accept mail-in applications and chances are that you will be requested to appear at the Embassy in person. Apart from that remember that uncompleted application form, failure to provide the necessary documents may result in the delay of the visa processing or even the refusal of the visa, therefore it becomes necessary for all applicants to work with a visa application professional to fill in the right information and attach supporting document for successful visa.

Documentation for Chinese Visa is an important aspect for fast pacing the overall China Visa Processing. You may require to submit Application form, No obligation employment letter, Photographs, Air Ticket Booked, Hotel Reservations, Invitation Letter, Financial Statements and even letter from relevant Chinese government, organization or company depending on your category of application.

The Chinese Embassy in U.A.E. only accepts visa applications of the U.A.E. citizens and expatriates who reside in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The U.A.E. citizens and expatriates from the rest of the Emirates should apply for the visa in the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai. Our professional staff is available to serve you no matter where you live in UAE.

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