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For Citizens of United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is important to apply for United States (U.S) Tourist, Visitors, Business or Private Visa. VSA (Versatile Service Agency) is an experienced visa application agency based in Dubai, UAE that can make your trip to USA worthwhile by directing your American (U.S) visa application process to a faster pace.

For all who are residents of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE, our staff is available to provide excellent visa application services. Whether it your business or tourist visa, we know how to file your application effectively for hassle free fast processing.

A lot of applications are being rejected just because of the incomplete visa application packages that are being submitted with errors and non-important documents. It is a must that the forms that are being submitted are complete and all the documents such as invitation letters, application forms etc. are filled in correctly. We take each visa application case on a one on one basis and strive to make your case stronger creating a complete package with stronger presentation.

Our staff will also help you in preparing for the interview as per the requirements. We are always available to answer all your queries including: How to apply for US Visa, Requirements for USA business or tourist visa, Tours and Travel to America, Business and Tourist U.S Visa Requirements for Citizens of UAE, USA Consulate in Dubai, How to fill the USA Visa Application form, Visa Processing Time, Where is USA Consulate in Dubai, Where to find visa application for USA visa, Who does USA Visa in Dubai and more.

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USA Visa Application form: Available through contacting our office.

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